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Posted by r41nb0w on June 10, 2009

My body hurts. I missed my dinner box. So tired, so hungry.. and aching

~futsal aftermath


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Tired tired tired

Posted by r41nb0w on June 9, 2009

Seven-hour meeting today. I was lucky to get there on time.

Change of requirements. Lucky that my designs have not been fixed yet.

and you can fuck off, im going to sleep

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What a start!

Posted by r41nb0w on June 8, 2009

I started the day by exchanging arguments with my friend. I should’ve been more sensitive.

There will be workshops with client and vendor until Thursday. Meanwhile, i have to fix the design documents. So many things to do.

Gotta sleep and wake up at 2 am later.

See you!

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Weekend Recap

Posted by r41nb0w on June 6, 2009

On Work:

  1. Kick-off! Finished first meeting with the users on “that” system enhancement
  2. Visio + Powerpoint = Cool! Learned to develop good presentation on process flow. Credit to my boss for suggesting the idea
  3. The wheels make you run faster. Java programs I developed in previous times made all the tasks came easy.

On Life:

  1. Broken-hearted. Two emotional posts in a week is not a good sign.
  2. Is overweight. Action required.

Action Items:

  1. Develop day-to-day plan for June. Set objectives. Execute.
  2. Take diet and exercise!


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By God…

Posted by r41nb0w on June 5, 2009

There must be some reasons why im still alive until this moment. The war starts now… Bismillah.

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Manchester United agreed sponsorship with AoN

Posted by r41nb0w on June 4, 2009

AoN will be replacing AIG as the main sponsor for Manchester United. The sponsorship will start from season 2010 – 2011. It is a 4-year, at total 80-million pounds. So it will be 20 millions a year, better than AIG’s 14 millions a year. To make it sweet, it is the highest shirt sponsorship at the moment.

The thing is, I wonder why since the Glazers took over the club, United’s sponsors are always the company working in the insurance and risk management sectors. Maybe it is because the high debt that he introduced when he took over. So, in case something bad happens, the insurance company will pay him some money. Ha!

Anyway, I am looking forward how the AoN will fit in the united jersey!

~btw, AoN = Almost on Nineteen! Watch out Liverpool! 😛

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What to do when you’re in a meeting

Posted by r41nb0w on June 3, 2009

Silent your cell phone, it’s time for the meeting to start.

When you’re there to accompany your boss/supervisor, take a sit beside him. He’ll be your saviour.

If you’re not knowledgeable on the topics or issues talked in the meeting, you should sit down and learn the topics while you’re listening. If you have the chance, ask questions to your boss or the other people who are available. Make sure you dont disturb them. Otherwise, you should keep listening and trying to understand. And make sure you dont fall asleep.

If you’re knowledgeable on the topics or issues talked in the meeting, you should observe the situation. You should know what is right and what is wrong. If the boss needs backup, give him help. If the boss goes slightly off the track, drag him back. If you have idea, tell the forum. Be polite, dont be arrogant, speak slowly and clearly.

If you are there as the main speaker, you should always know what are you going to achieve from the meeting. You should also ask your boss about his expectation on the meeting, the traps and pitfalls that could be around the meeting. Prepare your presentation slides well. Clearly states the agenda, the summary, and the action items.

Speak slowly, clearly. Quickly identify the discussion that could drag you away from the meeting goals. Politely drag the participants back to the meeting agenda. Take a note of the out-of-topics so that you can read it later to decide whether it is really relevant or not.

Always be nice and dont lose your cool 🙂

~Easier said than done

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i say love…

Posted by r41nb0w on June 2, 2009

………………………it is a razor
That leaves my soul to bleed


When the night has been too lonely
And the road has been too long
And you think that love is only for the lucky and the strong
Just remember in the winter
Far beneath the bitter snows
Lies the seed
That with the sun’s love, in the spring
Becomes the rose

I took the chance even if it’s breaking my heart. It’s the dream i woke up from, and i am dying facing the reality. But I will live, and learn to dance.

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Yahoo! 360 is closing

Posted by r41nb0w on June 1, 2009

The news was delivered through an email last Saturday.

Yahoo 360 Degree (Y!360) is a Yahoo product providing social networking, photo sharing, and blogging services. It’s the blogging services that made me joined Y!360 in 2005.

So why is it closed then?

  • With Y!360, you can add friends, invite friends, testimonials etc. But that’s all can be done with Friendster which was the social networking site that is used most of my friends back in 2005 (Don’t you think it is awkward to write testimonials again while you have done it in Friendster?  Even people dont do testimonials anymore). While Friendster is now losing heavily against Facebook, Y!360 was already out of competition.  
  • People hardly consider using Y!360 for blogging. WordPress, Blogspot, or even Facebook have been more popular choice.
  • Photo-sharing? There are Picasa, Flickr, or even Facebook. And i dont even know how to do photo-sharing in Y!360 😀

Taking economics downturn into account, I dont think Yahoo wants to keep maintaining the system people hardly use anymore. Big cost, low profit. The closing is well justified :).

What Next?

The email said there will be new profile replacing Y!360. The name is not released yet. So this replacement might be as well as just a myth.

My old posts

Talking about the blog posts i made there, i will move it here as they are part of the sweet memories while i was in college. Not much efforts required, only 3 posts 😀


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so where i’ve been..

Posted by r41nb0w on May 31, 2009

February 16th last year was the last time i posted on this blog. What’ve happened since then?

February 2008:

  • Finished Functionality Test round 1. Unbelievable experience.
  • Joined company outing to Bali. Bali sucks. Yogya a year before is much better.

March 2008:

  • Successfully admitted to Sorbonne. Not granted the full scholarship though.
  • CR Gathering
  • My Birthday 🙂

April 2008:

  • Told that im gonna be assigned to Singapore for 1 month! Starting from May.
  • Keep gathering requirements
  • Keep testing

May 2008:

  • Spent a 20 working days in Singapore
  • Scholarship for Sorbonne was turned down. Shame on you LIPI.
  • Manchester United won Premier League
  • John Terry slipped when taking penalty 😉

June 2008:

  • UAT preparation
  • 1-year Anniversary
  • Project Futsal Tournament
  • UAT cancelled, FT took place again. Lovely.

July 2008:

  • FT 2 Execution. Unbelievable experience.

August 2008:

  • UAT. Finally.
  • Met a girl i knew online. Not the best of circumstances.
  • UAT Finished. Yay.
  • Is Above Peer Group 😀

September 2008:

  • My friend got promoted. Congrats!
  • EUT. Okay.
  • Go Live. Part 1. Yay!
  • Support. Nice words.
  • Coming home!
  • Fell in love

October 2008:

  • Go Live Pt 2 Preparation.
  • Sent my first flower bouquet as birthday surprise. Failure

November 2008:

  • Cutover. Go Live. Support. Working like crazy.
  • Training was postponed.

December 2008:

  • Shit happens. Working like crazy. Good bye social life.

January 2009:

  • How come shit happens everyday?
  • Working healed my broken heart. Blessing in disguise.

February 2009:

  • Training. Much needed break.
  • New friends. A very charming korean girl :”>
  • Boss told me I go up! Yay.

March 2009:

  • Is officially promoted 🙂 . Scholarship can wait.
  • My birthday!
  • Tried rekindling broken strings.

April 2009:

  • Happy days

May 2009:

  • Told her my feeling. Clear.
  • Started being a lazy bastard

That’s all folks!

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